What people have to say

Mark L.
Oakland, CA

Me and my homegirl were happily driving down the street when she clipped the curb and we started hearing that oh so familiar sound of a flat tire. Now, I know how to change a tire and was all gung ho to show off my manly skills but we quickly discovered that not one but two tires had gone flat! We just so happened to be stopped right in front of AJ's so while she was calling her roadside assistance provider, I decided to run over and see if there was any chance they could help us out. They were literally closing up the shop, but they took the time to replace both tires for us and didn't even charge us a single penny! I tried my best to give them money, but they refused to accept it. They totally rocked it and rescued us from what could have been a very unfortunate and aggravating experience. Much thanks to AJ and his entire crew!!!!!

Samantha H.
Rancho Cordova, CA

My review is a bit different - my sister and I, two ladies in our twenties, were driving up to San Francisco from Sacramento. We stopped at a Togo's in Emeryville to grab some food before a business meeting in SF. When we came out we noticed one of the tires was very low, low and behold there was a huge nail in it. We were in a place where we know no one, had limited time and no knowledge of fixing a tire - and the spare wouldn't get us back home. The owner of this shop was walking by us on a phone call and could tell we were stressed. He told us to follow him to his shop and he would fix it. We were apprehensive - a stranger lending out a helping hand in an unknown (to us) area. But he didn't turn out to be a psycho or anything - a genuine, kind person. He had his guys fix our tire in less than 5 minutes, at no charge. We are safely back in Sacramento and he saved us a lot of stress. I can't thank him enough. If he conducts himself like this to a complete stranger in need of help, I can only imagine he is an honest businessman. His staff was very kind too. Thank you!

Houshang S.
San Ramon, CA

I been doing Business with this Body shop for a long time and I do not take my car anywhere ales but them A+ service

Randy S.
Oakland, CA

I drove to AJ's only looking for someone that could weld my barstool since I didn't want to trash the barstool. On my request, AJ fixed my barstool complimentary! He and his staff were very nice and a great, quiet location on San Pablo Avenue.
I drove off not knowing that my wallet fell out of my pocket as I was about to pay for the service and didn't realize it until I was running on a trail about a half hour later. I panicked not knowing where my wallet fell, heading back to the car and not finding it in the car or on the trail. I started to back track my steps and got a phone call from my office that a gentleman has found my wallet, it was AJ.
Not only did he generously fix my barstool but found my wallet and returned it. Before I got back to his shop, I purchased a few breakfast items for his crew in kind.
Owners like this need to be rewarded with business and I will truly reccommend AJ to my friends and family. Please stop by and see my hero today!

Richard M.
Denver, CO

My son's car broke down as he drove in from Colorado. AJ's happended to be close and he brought it in for repair. They were extremely fair to him and very helpful. A nice introduction to the Bay area for my son.

Bernadette F.
Emeryville, CA

Not surprised to see great reviews here. This was like finding gold...a neighbor recommended it and it was close by. I have an MB 320 SLK and am always nervous when I bring it somewhere but immediately felt comfortable with AJ and his friendly, extremely knowledgeable staff. Lots of other Mercedes. along with BMWs, and others on the lot, waiting their turn...and they REALLY know their cars! Terrific service, so reasonable, and they always find time for the client. Easy to locate, comfortable waiting area where Office Manager, Laura, answers your questions...if you are lucky and love dogs, there is a sweet guy waiting to greet you (but don't think of climbing the fence to get in, because he wouldn't be so sweet)...It is a wonderful feeling to be back in your car after it has been repaired. You will get it here.

Alex S.
Oakland, CA

I give this Auto Clinic an A+ for customer service and honesty! I've been to a lot of other auto body shops where I get a whole bunch of BS and not the best work! I was hit a couple months ago on the fwy, someone merged into my lane without even looking and literally threw me off the road( nothing happened to me, thank goodness) and they continued driving away like nothing! I called my insurance and ended up taking it to AJ! He was honest, explained everything and helped me with such professional manner that was really impressed! Super friendly guy! I left my car for a week, when I went to pick it up, I was SO impressed with the work I had done! My car looked SO pretty and I``m super detailed, everything looked great! Color was perfectly matching.. I loved it! Well, I went back to him today, months later after getting hit twice at my work's parking lot in the past two weeks(I know, great luck hu?) and AJ totally took it upon himself to buff up the car, taking all the paint off and I luckily had some left over paint, which he then just touched up the scratches and VOILA, the car looked fine again! Oh yea, the front license plate had fallen off, he also took care of that! Didn't charge me for anything! It literally took him 10min and it was all new again! AWESOME SAUCE! I will continue to see him and plan on taking my car to get new brakes! He's also a mechanic shop! I really like this shop! I highly recommend!!!!!

Isabella L.
Oakland, CA

my car was rear-ended and AJs made the repair as smooth and hassle-free as possible. it was finished before the 2-day limit the insurance specified and they did a great job! it looks good as new AND they washed the car and cleaned the interior, too. if i could give them more than 5 stars i would!

Genoa G.
Oakland, CA

I love this business. Someone hit my minivan in a parking lot and my insurance company suggested to go here to have my body work done. I was greeted by the owner and I got such a good feeling. He was so kind and managed to work so well with me about any and all concerns I had about getting my car repaired. They even went as far as to drive me home when they started working on my car and pick me up when it was completed. I happened to have second vechicle so I didn't need to rent one but AJ offered a good rental company if I needed a car. When the work was completed, I was amazed by how my car looked so brand new. It looked better then when I purchased the car. I was so impressed. The paint and body work was amazing. If you are looking for a good price, awesome customer service, and impressive work this is the place to go for any and all Body Work. AJ is the BEST!!! You can't find anything better. Trust me, I am a loyal customer forever.